BU Car Sticker

Dear Boğaziçi University Graduates,

Due to pandemic conditions, your 2019-2020 emblems will be valid until 28 February 2021.
In the 2020-2021 academic year, the vehicle emblems prepared to be valid in Güney, Kuzey, Hisar, Uçaksavar, Kandilli, Kilyos and Sarıtepe campus parking lots are on sale and their distribution will begin.
The emblem fees for the 2020-2021 academic year were determined as 300 TL for the car and 110 TL for a motorcycle with the decision taken at the meeting of the Board of Directors of our University on 25.11.2020, numbered 2020/29.
1. Graduates who want to get their graduate car emblem must register in the Alumni Information System and receive their alumni card.
2. Applications; It will be done electronically at http://amblem.boun.edu.tr/, and the user name and password are the alumni mail address and password used when logging into the Alumni Information System.
3. The necessary documents (license, bank receipt) will be uploaded to the system in .png, .jpg format.
4. Graduates can obtain their car and motorcycle emblems from the Alumni Office (South Campus, Clock Building (ALH), Ground Floor) as follows;
I. They can take it themselves.
ii. He can receive a relative to be forwarded to the mail address mezun@boun.edu.tr.
iii. With the instruction of the General Secretariat, sending the car emblem by cargo was not deemed appropriate due to the risk of loss.
5. Points to be considered by graduates when creating emblem records;
a) While the photocopies/photographs of the licenses are uploaded to the system, attention must be paid to ensure that the part that says the plate and name are visible and legible.
b) The bank receipt showing that the emblem fee has been deposited to the following account (the name and vehicle plate of the graduate must be specified in the depositor section of the bank receipt) must be uploaded to the system.
c) After reading the car park usage contract in the application system, the "I accept" box must be ticked.
d) In case the glass of the vehicle is broken, approval must be obtained from the General Secretariat with a petition. (They must surrender the old emblem.)
e) In case of loss of the emblem, approval must be obtained from the General Secretariat with a petition.
f) If the vehicle has been newly sold or purchased, they have to submit the notary sales contract through the system.
6. In the event that the documents submitted and the emblem taken to receive an emblem are seen by another person or third parties, our university will use its legal rights.
We present to your information.
Bogazici University
Alumni Office
0212 359 46 43
Bank account information:
Garanti Bank
Branch Name: Boğaziçi University Branch
Account Name: Strategy Development Department
Account No: 6200079
IBAN: TR78 0006 2000 3030 0006 2000 79